Rio Smart Road and Street Luminaire Control System


The most basic function of Rio Smart system is that it enables the remote control of luminaires. Light levels of luminaires can be adjusted from anywhere via the web application without requiring additional wiring, a switch or dimmer and without the necessity of reaching the power supply of the system.

Rio Smart enables ON/OFF control; it can be controlled in groups or individually according to lighting scenarios that are prepared based on the user needs / demands. All luminaires can be real-time monitored, their operating/failure status can be determined, their operating status and consumption reports can be received as feedback in desired time periods via “maps” application on the web interface which also includes real time data transferred via satellite. Luminaires can be controlled and monitored effectively within an 8-10 km area by using an internet provider without the necessity of complex system installation processes and additional costs.

How Does It Work?

1. Wireless Communication
Communication with luminaires can be carried out through Wi-Fi safely, the Wi-Fi coverage area is extended by forming a communication chain from one luminaire to another. As the coverage area expands, luminaires begin to receive the signal from the nearest luminaire instead of receiving the signal from the Wi-Fi provider directly. The system can also be controlled via mobile phones which act as Wi-Fi hotspots if required.

2.SMART Control Unit
Luminaires can be individually controlled, switched on/off thanks to the SMART control unit integrated into each luminaire, there is no need for using an astronomical relay for this. Light level adjustment option has been designed to be compatible with 1-10 V dimming systems that are often referred in outdoor lighting.

3. Sensors Providing Failure Detection
Smart sensor applications displaying proper operation of luminaires, allowing the transfer of failure reasons into the system via cloud in failure tates. These sensor applications can be developed based on the needs of users and fields of application on project basis if requested.