Pelsan’s New LED Floodlight “Ria MED”

The rapid development of the LED technology leads the companies to continuously develop themselves and their products. When the consumers select their products, they bear in mind not only choosing the correct lighting but also criteria such as the price, performance and longevity. Ria MED IP66 LED Floodlight has been designed with the most up to date and high performing LED and LED driver technologies while paying attention to such important criteria, promising maximum performance to its consumers.
 Ria MED for maximum performance!
The new floodlight of Pelsan Lighting which has started its journey with the slogan “Ria MED for maximum performance” is of 100W power, has 13.300lm luminaire light flux and 133lm/W efficiency factor. It is suitable for illumination of factories, hangars, spaces, can be used in astro pitches, open air carparks, parks and gardens.
Ria MED Aquality components are longlasting. They don’t need maintenance.
Ria MED’s LED chips have the latest technology with LM80 and TM21 reports. Their aluminium injection cooling ribs and PCB’s designed of aluminium material allows easier thermal removal from the LED chips, extending their life. The LED driver is in conformity with EN 61347-1, 61347-2-13, EN 62384, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2European standards with its ENEC Certificate. Its components life span is more than 50000 hours.Ria MED’s LED driver is protected against over voltage by 6KV. The driver has also over heating protection, switching itself off duringabnormalconditions, protecting the LED chips and the product.

Ria Med can easily be assembled
Ria MED’s compact structure is suitable to be easily installed on high poles and pole cages. Its body that has been designed by Pelsan R&D engineers is of optimum weight, allowing more than one product to be used on high poles. Its minimal design that is wind resistant does not constitute a destructive force when several products are installed.