Pelsan’s New LED Linear Luminarie Series “Multiline” That Provide Optimum Solution For Markets


One of the most important factors that should be considered in supermarkets is their lightening as well as their decoration and shelf layout. Choosing the right lightening level within the market provides a comfortable environment for the customers and extends the time of their stay in the store. Customers are driven to the products emphasized by right lightening. Excess light creates a negative effect on the environment as much as the low light. Customers and workers feel uncomfortable under the excess light and the products remain in the background because of unnecessary light bursts. For all these reasons, choosing the right light for market lightening has become a performance-enhancing criterion.

Multiline LED Linear Luminaire Series specially designed by Pelsan’s R&D engineers, are state of the art technology products designed to incorporate all the details necessary for a supermarket illumination.

With its rotating wing system, which allows directing the light to the desired spot, and its modern industrial design, Multiline LED linear luminaire provides suitable illumination not only for supermarkets but also for all kinds of wholesale and retail stores, warehouses and offices.

With its seven-step directional wings (between 0° -115°) designed by taking the customer needs into account, light can be directed to the desired spot. It brings a fresh and lively appearance to the shelf and aisles within the wholesale and retail stores with this feature of it. It provides the desired light for shelf spaces while making it easier to find the products on the shelves. Thanks to its rotating blades and reflector designed by optic engineers, it provides optimum solutions for different shelf heights.

 Multiline has a special diffuser with glare control. This special diffuser creates a sustained, relaxing ambience. Directional wings of Multiline, maximize the eye comfort by providing an indirect illumination on the seventh step, and create an effective work environment.

Multiline luminaires provide continuous light with its modern structure designed in conformity with linear connection. Thus, you can obtain an uninterrupted illumination throughout the rail by linear illumination. You can bring into prominence the shelves that contain the products you want to highlight by directing each luminaire to the desired spot with rotating blades.

Color-rendering index is another point that should be taken into account for right illumination in supermarkets. Foods seem fresher, colors appear brighter, and products look more attractive under the right illumination and the quality of the products is emphasized. For this reason, the light source to be used should have a high rendering. Multiline linear luminaires help you to bring into prominence the products in your store with its CRI>90 option.


 Another point that is important for enterprises is to control the energy costs. With its energy saving up to 57% compared to T5 fluorescent lamps, Multiline is the optimum solution for retrofit applications. Due to its luminaire efficiency exceeding 110lm/W and low depreciation time, you can derive profit for your company with Multiline. In addition to all these advantages, its life cycle is 2,5 times longer than the traditional market luminaires’. Thanks to its long-lasting Europe-origin components with a life cycle exceeding 50,000 hours, it is maintenance-free and helps to reduce the operating costs.

Mounting of the product is quite easy due to the modular casing design consisting of 2 pieces. It helps to save time and allows low mounting cost since it can be mounted by single person. With its jack structure designed for electric connection, it cancels out the errors related with mounting.

Multiline LED Linear luminaires with high light quality are modern luminaires having professional perfection designed for market illumination.